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Suzi Ingmire Scholarship Fund

In memory of Susan “Suzi” Ingmire who was the inspirational organizer of the Saratoga Mom Prom and one of “The Saratoga Seven”.   The Saratoga Mom Prom has established the Suzi Ingmire Scholarship Fund  for a girl or girls from Saratoga County High Schools.

Beginning in 2023 we will be awarding two $2,500 scholarships each to 2 graduating senior girls who will continue their education in a field which will benefit children, who are involved in community service and who have met life’s challenges with a positive attitude.  Including this year, we will have awarded $15,500 in scholarships.

Suzi’s exceptional spirit of kindness and giving was the cornerstone of her being. Never to want attention for herself, she desired only to give and share. By example many lives she touched have been influenced by her warmth, charity, generosity, unselfishness and compassion. Those who were fortunate to share time with her will be forever aware of those traits she embodied.


2023 Scholarship Recipient

Olivia DesPres

from Galway High School


2022 Scholarship Recipient

from Saratoga Springs High School

Alanna Acevedo 


2023 Scholarship Recipient

Gianna Cammisa

from Saratoga Springs High School


2022 Scholarship Recipient

from Galway High School

Shanley DeRidder

2021 Scholarship Winner.jpg

2021 Scholarship Recipient - Keegan Dussault


2020 Scholarship Recipient - Lily White


2019 Scholarship Recipient - Madeleine Macy

2017 Scholarship Winner Madison DeGregario

2018 Scholarship Recipient - Taylor Coiner

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Madison DeGeorgio

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