Our Cause


Caring for our Community’s Children

The Saratoga County Children’s Committee has been committed to helping less fortunate children throughout Saratoga County for 70 years.  We are active year-round supporting children and teens through emergency situations as well as special requests that come to us from other local agencies such as Franklin Community Center, Economic Opportunity Council, Saratoga Mental Health, Saratoga Early Intervention, Social Services, school counselors and individual social workers.  We are able to provide beds and bedding, seasonal clothing, shoes, boots, sports equipment, car seats, instrument rentals, toiletries, diapers, field trip money and other special requests to local children in need.  


Beginning last year, we collaborated with The SNACpack Program, which provides food to children in the Saratoga Springs community who do not have enough to sustain them over the weekend or during vacations from school.  SNACpack wanted to expand their program by recognizing the birthdays of their kids.  The Children’s Committee took on the Birthday Bag Program by providing wrapped gifts to help kids celebrate their special day.  SNACpack currently assists over 150 kids and families. 


In 2018 our entire fundraising budget of $19,000 went to camperships.  During that summer we sponsored 24 kids to attend various camps in Saratoga County.  Ten attended Camp Saradac, five went to the Saratoga Regional YMCA, five were referred by The Franklin Community Center, and two attended camp at Gavin Park.  In addition, we sponsored two kids through Saratoga Mentoring.  As of June 2019, we have already donated $16,000 in camp funds to The Saratoga Springs Recreation Department, the YMCA, as well as Saratoga Mentoring for campers to enjoy a safe and fun summer. 


In 2015, we began our Back to School Program. We have been expanding this program each year, and we now provide backpacks, school supplies, calculators, clothes, shoes, and toiletries to more than 50 kids every September to help them begin the new year on a positive note.  We also provide monetary donations to local agencies for their own back to school support programs. 


Finally, of course we continue to carry out The Empty Stocking Project.  Because of its scope, Empty Stocking and SCCC are frequently thought of interchangeably.  Through referrals from all local schools and ten other organizations including Domestic Violence, EOC, Project Lift, and Social Services we provide gifts, clothes, toiletries and excitement to over 950 children and teens every holiday season.